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Today I'm thrilled to welcome a good buddy to my blog...the delightful Amy Andrews.

Hi Nic and thanks for having me today to talk about my Entangled release, Taming the Tycoon.  I’ve been really happy with reviews that have pointed out both the humour and the sexiness of Nate and Addie’ story because that’s two things I love in romance novels – I like to laugh and get just a little steamed up. My husband likes it too J

Karla(Book Addict) at GR said - “I can´t say how much I enjoyed this book, the story was great the plot was executed flawlessly and OMG the sex scenes are HAWT, I swear I was sweating and squirming in my seat just thinking about it”
I think she may have been talking about this scene …

His blue eyes held hers and it was all she could do to breathe in and out.
“You give a hell of a massage, Addie.”
His voice rumbled around her, breaking the spell. She tore her gaze from his, afraid he’d see how much she wanted him to grind a little harder.
But then she was staring right at his erection. It was thick and long and stretched his clinging boxers and she had to dig her fingertips into his thigh to stop from reaching for it.
She had a feeling it would be as beautiful as the rest of him and she really wanted to see it.
She glanced at him and heat slammed in to her as his knowing, unapologetic gaze claimed hers. “Like I said,” he murmured. “You give a hell of a massage.”
 But his voice was unsteady and there seemed to be a slight glaze to his eyes and it was a turn- on to know that she’d done that to him.
She glanced at his erection again.
And that.
“How does it feel?” she asked, her own voice vying for the top position in the husky stakes.
“It feels—” He stopped and cleared his throat. “Amazing. Everywhere feels amazing. You...” Addie’s eyes widened as he pressed his kneecap hard against her “... feel amazing.”
She shut her eyes as a wave of longing rolled through her. “I do, don’t I?” she murmured as she rotated her hips, her fingers automatically working his thigh again.
Nathaniel’s eyes closed too. “Uh-huh.”
She rotated again then rocked back and forth a little with the motion of her kneading. His knee cap was just the right amount of hard against all her softness and she mewed as it slid against all her sensitive spots. 
Honey and vanilla wafted up from his leg and she wanted to rub it all over him and lick off every last sticky morsel.
She opened her eyes to his husky question, gratified to see the clench of his jaw, the strain in his neck muscles, his hands gripping the sheet beside him.
“Are you drunk?” he asked.
She rocked into him, meshing her gaze with his and smiled. “Just drunk enough to be very, very easy.”
Nathaniel gave a half laugh. “Having sex with a fake girlfriend would be very...” She watched his eyes shut as she ground down hard. “Very bad,” he muttered, opening his eyes again.
Addie nodded as the image of them entwined and naked on this sinful bed exploded inside her head. “But this isn’t sex,” she said stroking her hand higher on his thigh as she angled her pelvis where the pressure was best. She hit the right spot and it sucked the breath right from her lungs.
“Oh, I think it is,” he muttered.

Although, there are a few more like that J

Jen from Random Jensmit also talked about the sexiness in her review but I was thrilled when she made particular mention of the funny. “What I absolutely LOVE about this book is the humor that shows up all through the pages.  Addie is funny and Nate is just snarky and a little dirty with his double entandras – LOVE IT!”

I’m thinking this is one of the scenes she had in mind!

Nathaniel looked up from the breakfast table when Addie joined them at eight-thirty. He grinned at her and she blushed. She had her hair back in some braid thing and was wearing faded denim jeans this morning that hung loose and low on her hips and a plain navy t-shirt that didn’t quite meet the jeans.
He’d had his hand on that strip of skin he could see. Held it there while she’d wiggled and squirmed against him. Just thinking about it got him hard again.
It hadn’t been what he’d expected—hell, developing a fascination with Addie was one complication he didn’t need—but there were worse ways to wake up.
“Here she is. Morning my pretty,” Eunice boomed her welcome. “Nate said you were wide awake at five for a while, so we just let you sleep.”
Addie faltered as she sat down, glancing at him, and he winked at her as he said, “I do hope that itch I couldn’t quite scratch has settled. Darling.”

So if you like sexy with a few laughs, this may just be the book for you.

Amy is giving away a copy of TAMING THE TYCOON and a keychain!

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Amy Andrews said...

Hey Nic - thanks again for letting me come and chat with your fans today and for running this giveaway.
Looking forward to it.

Ann S. said...

Wow! Just the excerpt made me put this at the top of my TBR list. It sounds like it has all the things I like in a romance novel. Interesting characters with chemistry are a must, they need to make the pages smolder. Thanks for the giveaway.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I read and enjoyed this book as it is a human story with a serious as well as a lighthearted side. It has a strong message. Wishing you lots of sales, Amy.

Amy Andrews said...

That's great Ann - hope you enjoy the rest!

Amy Andrews said...

Thanks for stopping by Maria and letting me know how much you enjoyed the book!

Nicola Marsh said...

Amy, I'm really looking forward to reading Taming the Tycoon.

It's one of many books lined up on my kindle I'm looking forward to indulging in!

Nicola Marsh said...

It's near the top of my TBR list too, Ann.

Need more hours in the day to read and write...oh, and look after the kids, the household, etc...!

Nicola Marsh said...

I love books that combine emotion with fun, Maria.

Nicola Marsh said...

Hi Ann,

congrats, you're the winner!

Please email me your details so I can forward to Amy.