Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Release day for my military romance, FALLING FOR FLYNN ($3.99)

Here's the blurb:

Flynn Logan is a dedicated, driven soldier and the Army is his life. Until he returns home to Melbourne and discovers he has another life he knew nothing about.

Lori Ballantine has only ever loved one man and he chose the army over her. Now Flynn is back, can she let him into her life? And that of the son they share together? The son she kept secret from Flynn for the last six years?

As Flynn and Lori come to terms with co-parenting, Flynn needs to make some tough decisions: about his past, his future and his role in Lori and Adam’s lives.
Being a father may just prove to be the toughest assignment he’s ever had!

Yes, this book is different from my fun, flirty novels, with a more emotional core.

Here are the first reviews:

Aww..... Nicola, you write the sweetest emotional love stories *sniff sniff*. Falling For Flynn was just beautiful to read! THANK YOU!!

PS. That hottie on the cover SURE HELPED me imagine Flynn in the story too... BWAHAHAHAHA (Sheryl, Goodreads)

I'm always a sucker for a reunion romance and the story of Flynn and Lori is one of the nicest I've read for a long time. And I use the word 'nice' advisedly. The hero Flynn is a soldier who is back from tours of duty in Afghanistan. It's interesting to see the rise in numbers of soldier stories with the ongoing war in the Middle East and our own engagement. So far I've read soldier stories coming out of the U.S. and New Zealand as well as this little nugget set in Australia and published by Crimson Romance. A relatively new publisher for me as well...I really enjoyed reading the emotional journey of both these wonderful characters and their adorable brainiac son. (Fiona Marsden, Goodreads)

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Rhonda D said...

Congrats on the new release! I am definitely adding it to my to buy list.

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Rhonda, enjoy!