Thursday, May 11, 2006


Okay, talk about coincidence...I just had an email from an author who'd read my current 'Author of the Month' feature on the eharl Aussie site, informing me that my fictitious town where my current release, WIFE AND MOTHER WANTED, is set isn't so fictitious.
It's actually a real place! And it's 2 hours north of Sydney (in the book, I'm sure I mention that Stockton is a few hours north of Sydney, a figure I totally made up.)
How bizarre is that!
I've never been to the place, never heard of the place and plucked the name out of my head (actually, I think it was the surname of a girl I used to know.)
So there you go.
Now about to rush off and make sure my fictitious island for my sexy prince isn't an actual principality!


allyblake said...

You clever thing you, Nic!

In my first book, I had a cafe in St Kilda, I'd completely made up the name and the look of the place. During copy edits, when the clever gang in Toronto go over manuscripts with a fine tooth comb, they found there actually was a cafe in St Kilda with the same name. My ed sent me their website addy, and it was EXACTLY how I'd described it.

Spooky alright!

Natasha said...

I suppose it doesn't matter unless you described it as a truly horrible place, Nic! *g* So, says me who lives in a town everyone describes as a place on the way to another place ....

Nicola Marsh said...

Ally, you too, huh? Weird, isn't it?
And Natasha, I gave the place a quaint little country town feel (when in fact if it's 2 hours north of Sydney it probably isn't so rural!)
Oh well, will wait and see if I get any mail from people living in Stockton!