Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blind date

No, I'm not trying to play matchmaker with my friends.
This is further to my goss on library talks. The fabulous librarian at Dandenong, as part of Library Lovers month in Feb, used a great concept to introduce people to the wonderful world of romance: Blind
Date with a book!
She'd wrapped up romance novels in snazzy gold and silver paper, tied them with lovely coloured ribbons and laid them out with the displays.
The idea is you take home the book, unwrap and enjoy. Cool, huh?
In other book news, I hit the shelves in France and Germany again this month. Nice covers, huh?
Very romantic...


Anonymous said...

Very nice covers, Nic. I'm loving the foreign edition covers lately. In fact, all of them. I wouldn't mind being swept away to sit on a beach right now myself.


azteclady said...

Yes, they are nice covers--you are lucky!

Estella said...

Lovely covers.
I like the concept of a blind date with a book.

Nicola Marsh said...

Jennie, the foreign editions are gorgeous. Don't think I've see an average one yet.

Thanks Estella and Azteclady.
I really liked the blind date with a book concept too. Very cute and good way to introduce people to reading romance :)

Barb said...

I love the Blind Date with a Book idea, Nic. I used it myself when I did a library talk last week. Wrapped up four of my books and had lucky spots on the chairs. It went over well!

Cryna said...

I think that is a neat idea. And think it makes it that much more exciting if you have no idea what you are getting.

Nicola Marsh said...

Barb, what a brilliant idea!!!
I can do that for my next 2 talks. Thanks for sharing :)

And I agree, Cryna, much more exciting when it's a surprise :)

ilona said...

Seeing the Bianca cover brought back memories of reading my mothers romances way back when we lived in Germany. It's good to see they haven't changed the formula too much since then. Lovely covers and simple titles etc.

I think I would like to ask our local library to try the 'Blind Date With a book' idea. It's a wonderful way to get people into readign other genres etc. :D