Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I've had a lovely review for EXECUTIVE MOTHER-TO-BE which I want to discuss further once you've read it.

One Night in Singapore leads to a career girl's nightmare...but will it also lead to love?
Kristen Lewis TV producer sits in a Singapore bar, stood up by a co-worker buddy in favor of a young temp worker. Hard working to the max and driven, Kristen knows the loneliness of hotels and bars. When she eyes the handsome Nate, dark and morose but ever so sexy, she feels like she has met a kindred soul. As the CEO for his own company, Nate seems to understand her long hours and her passion for work. Together they share a fabulous night. Months later, Kristen walks into her first day of work at a new job. Called in to meet her new boss, Nathan boyd, Kristen is shocked to see the face of her Singapore Nate, the man she cannot get out of her heart. Both driven professionals, Kristen and Nate decide to keep things on a professional level --- but their decision chafes at their very hearts. Then the worst thing possible happens to this sigle-minded, focused career girl --- not only is she pregnant but she is pregnant with Nate's baby!
This is my first Nicola Marsh read. Besides being a wonderful light read, interspersed with some tense moments, several areas drew my attention. Nicola Marsh has a lot of skill in setting a scene so that when she writes about the characters, the reader is drawn to them and understands them behind the exterior. Her style is quick, sharp and focused --- in just a few well-chosen descriptions, the reader is right there on the scene an in the hearts of her characters. I also very much enjoyed the way she wrote dialogue --- fun, witty and dynamic. But more, as Nate and Kristen encounter each other and spend time together in Australia, one feels them become more and more comfortable with one another through their dialogue. Interesting hero. As with most HR heroes, a good guy with past hurts. I really do love the way these HR authors write their heroes.
In general and on a personal level, I am less of a fan of baby romances than other kinds of romances but I was very impressed with how Nicola Marsh wrote this one. She added several very done well details that made me understand her and how she could end up in the situation she did and still be an intelligent woman. I grew up when women's lib was gaining ground and the one thing parents drove into their children was don't get pregnant and work hard to be successful in your own right. Some dramatic moments here, especially towards the end. She writes drama well --- quick plot with precise details, allowing the story itself to tell the drama.

Pros: excellent characterization and scene setting, humorous and dramatic

Cons: none
The Bottom Line: A great choice in short light romance reads. Brilliant characterization and scene setting. Emotionally moving

A huge thanks to Merri from Merrimon Book Reviews for this insightful review. (Check out her website, she has loads of fabulous reviews!)

Now, I'm not just saying that because she loved me book :) I'm saying it's insightful because she really understood what I was trying to do with Nate and Kristen's story.

While I was writing the book I wanted to show the character development of Nate, how he struggles with his past grief and is finally able to open his heart again. And with Kris, how a 35 year old career woman comes to terms with impending motherhood, something she never dreamed possible for her. I really concentrated on developing the emotion with both these rather intense characters and I'm absolutely thrilled it came through.

Speaking of emotion, I sniffled for the first time ever writing one of my own books last night.
The Harlequin Romance I'm revising (which ended up having a fairly major rewrite) is a story of second chance love and the hero Blane is to die for.
He's the one who made me cry just a can Camryn resist? :)


Estella said...

Am looking forward to reading Executive Mother to Be.

Nicola Marsh said...

Hope you enjoy it, Estella :)

Cryna said...

Nicola - What a great review. It is so nice to see good reviews.

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Cryna.

As authors, we love to tout the good ones, and kinda ignore the bad ;)