Thursday, February 28, 2008

Whetting your appetite

Here's a new review for MISTRESS TO THE TYCOON just in!


MISTRESS TO THE TYCOON by Nicola Marsh is a great sizzling romance from beginning to end.

Gallery owner Ariel Wallace has promised her aunt that she will keep the gallery afloat, one way or another. If that includes painting nudes, then so be it. But when Cooper Vance, a property developer, walks into the studio, she's not certain she can go through with the plan. Ariel brews tea while Cooper undresses. Thus, the two embark on a journey that has its share of paintable moments.

I thought Ariel and Cooper were a perfect match, despite their worlds being so dissimilar. Beneath the surface of the artist and below the money belt they were just two people who deserve love. I especially liked the way Ariel's emotions were a source for her painting. I could see the brushstrokes on canvas as she worked through her issues with Cooper and the gallery. And Cooper, despite his repeatedly telling himself that his connection to Ariel was only business, became more endearing with each kiss.

4 roses for this one. Nice :)


Estella said...

Am looking forward to this book!

Cryna said...

Another great review. Looking foward to this book.

Nicola Marsh said...

Hope you both enjoy it, Estella and Cryna :)