Friday, February 03, 2012

Editor's wish-list: Libby Murphy

Today I'm introducing the lovely Libby Murphy (my fantastic editor at EP, she's truly amazing: insightful, enthusiastic, and she even makes revisions fun!)

Libby would like to see submissions for adults and young adults written with a killer voice, and she especially loves quirky characters and plots. She loves sci-fi with aliens, robots, and high tech; urban fantasy and time travel; contemporary romance; women’s fiction with a strong romantic element; and suspense and mysteries. She craves humor, anti-heroes, and underdogs, and strong, capable heroines are a must. For Indulgences, she's looking specificaly for the following: Best friends, best friend’s younger sister, millionaire playboy, athletes, relationship because of a bet, arranged marriages, bad boys, revenge plots, reunions, adventure (Indiana Jones meets Bridget Jones!), romantic comedy, forbidden love, geeks (hero or heroine), and military heroes. I’m not likely to request sheiks or royalty, but if the royalty is the heroine, that’s definitely more likely. I’m a huge sucker for snarky heroines, funny heroes, and heroes who are the strong, silent type.
Libby is especially interested in Flirts and Ever Afters that fit the following:

Scientists or inventor-types who walk the line between good and bad (like Batman)

Paranormals with a villain hero/heroine who is redeemed by the end

Disaster or apocalyptic events in which people find love, despite everything falling apart around them (can be sci-fi, fantasy, or contemporary featuring a natural disaster, for example)

Quirky contemporaries or paranormals—humor is a must!

Sci-fi, especially if it has a Tron, I, Robot, or a Terminator type setting

Thrillers set in a small town

Zombie hunters :)

Romantic Comedy (would love to see a trilogy about a group of girlfriends finding love)

Libby is generously offering a critique of the first chapter of the winner of her choice.

Thanks Libby!


Shelley Watters said...

Thanks for the post, Nic! I've got a full with Libby right now! Yay! :)

Kerrin said...

oh yay can't wait! My current WIP is a best friends one - but i only have the first 3 chapters. Hmm, maybe it's not ready for pitching just yet!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Libby is a truly wonderful editor, Shelley, I have everything crossed for you!

Nicola Marsh said...

Write fast, Kerrin! :)