Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Editor's wish-list: Liz Pelletier

First up we have Liz Pelletier, senior editor at Entangled Publishing.

Liz judged my first pitch contest a few months ago and from that contest one of the winners is now published with Entangled!

So what are Entangled acquiring and interested in seeing during this contest?

Novels in the following subgenres of romantic fiction for our Entangled Books, Entangled Select, and Entangled Teen imprints:


•Upper YA/New Adult (17-22 yo protags) that will appeal to crossover audiences


•Romantic Thrillers

•Science Fiction

•Paranormal and Urban Fantasy


-Manuscripts must have strong romantic elements.

-Adult and New Adult novels should be 70k to 120k words in length for all genres except contemporary romance, which should remain under 90k.

-YA novels should be 50k to 100k words in length.

What's on Liz's Indulgence (category romance series) wishlist:
Best friends, misunderstood heroines, ugly ducklings, revenge plots, CEOs and secretaries, really just about any common category trope except sheiks and royalty-related. Personal preference is for heroines with snarky voices, but a sweet-natured heroine who makes a cold millionaire smile can win me over.
You can also pitch for their Ever-After & Flirt imprints.
For all submission guidelines, check here
Liz is generously donating the same prize as last time, a partial request!
(Though last time, she ended up requesting 3 from pitches that caught her attention!)
Thanks Liz.
Stay tuned for another editor's wishlist and prize on offer tomorrow.

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