Thursday, February 02, 2012

Editor's wish-list: Lori Wilde

Lori Wilde is the Managing Director of Entangled Publishing's INDULGENCE series.

Indulgence is an innovative line of category romance novels. They're looking for fresh voices and realistic stories that reflect how women live and love in the new millennium. Whether funny, mysterious, dramatic, snarky, sexy, or heartfelt, these stories are active, fast-paced, and dialogue-heavy. Be bold. Be daring. Get out of the box.

Specifically, we want:

•Quality storytelling
•Bold authors who aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries
•Prolific authors who can write three to four books a year
•Proven category tropes such as matchmakers, ugly duckling, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, reunited lovers, Beauty and the Beast, emotional rebirth, lovers from different worlds, rags to riches, cops, cowboys, CEOs, etc.
•Stories featuring alpha heroes (from billionaires to the oldest brother who runs a bar) and the confident (or by the end of the book confident) women who love them
•Sparkling dialogue
•Emotional depth depicted through strong conflict, theme, symbolism and sub-text
•Manuscripts must be 45-60K words in length.

Lori Wilde has generously offered a critique of a partial manuscript (first 3 chapters) and synopsis.
Thanks Lori!
So all you writers of category romance, start polishing those pitches.
Valentine's Day Pitch the Book of your Heart starts Feb 8th, right here!

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