Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reader review: Not the Marrying Kind

The first reader review for NOT THE MARRYING KIND landed less than a day after the book went live on Amazon...and it's a ripper!

*LE SIGH* Snarky and sassy with a whole heap of emotion that i ALMOST cried 3/4 through the story! EGADS! Blackmail, a marriage of convenience and some smoking HOT sexual tension all collide in the wonderful city of Vegas to make this story a 5 star read! If you like Ms. Marsh's Harlequin stories then you will LOVE Not The Marrying Kind! Just buy it already! And Ms. Marsh, i hope that this is the start of of a beautiful relationship with Entangled Publishings' Indulgence line :) (Sheryl Nash)

It's always wonderful when a reader connects with a book but there's something especially nerve-racking about a first review.

I'm very grateful for those lovely words and 5 stars!

Please keep them coming (the reviews.)  Not averse to those stars either...!

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