Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Took a step back in time yesterday when I caught up with a group of uni friends, some I haven't seen for 10 years!
To protect the not-so-innocent, let's call this gang Rob, Mary, Leanne and Teresa. Back in the physio days, we'd attend lectures, swap notes, study together, hang out and write the odd letter to each other over semester breaks. These guys were great.
Then of course, life intrudes and we head off in many different directions, career and personal wise. Families are born, new careers followed and a whole heap of other stuff which gets in the way of keeping in touch more regularly.
Step forward to yesterday: a gorgeous balmy Autumn afternoon, great food, fabulous company and a feeling like nothing had changed, that same comfortable feeling you get when you sit down on the floor cross-legged with a familiar photo album.
It's a special feeling; the warmth, the camaraderie.
So, to the gang: Rob, you just might make it as a hero in one of my upcoming books! Mary, follow your dream. Leanne, your energy levels never cease to amaze me. And Teresa, my creative friend, you paid me one of the nicest compliments I've ever received about my writing. "When I read your books, it's like I'm chatting to you, the sense of humour, everything."
Thanks, guys. Today, I'm off to recapture some of that wonderful feeling and flick through old photos...and maybe the odd letter or two?


JENNA said...

Look where Nic is today:

And I love taking the funnest bits of friends into my stories :) I usually make them funnier and happier...then get a 'that's not how it happened' after which I have to explain it's fiction :D

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks for reminding me, Jenna!
Forgot I was going to be a diva for a few days (I adore that word!! Love the thought of being a diva :) )

And we're so lucky to explain everything away as fiction ;)