Monday, April 24, 2006


It's always so hard to get back into the story after a weekend off (one of the main reasons I used to drive myself like a maniac and rarely have a night off.) I just found it easier to keep writing, keep the story flowing till I realised that exhaustion and sickness are not conducive to producing a good story anyway!
So, managed 2000 words tonight. Not bad, steady progression. I'm almost a fifth of the way into the story in a week and I have to be happy with that (though I'm usually so much quicker and this pace is killing me!)
Seeing as I work at night, I don't have an opportunity to watch much TV. However, this season I've become addicted to Commander in Chief and Prison Break so without further ado, I'm calling it quits for tonight and heading off to enjoy more of that lovely down time.
Dante and Natasha can wait till tomorrow...

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