Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weekend? What's that?

I have been bad.
As many bloggers have warned me, this blogging business eats up time and they're not wrong!
I have revisions on my ST and NEXT novel (that's for the Harlequin NEXT line as opposed to my next novel which appears overly important with the use of capitals!) so what did I do all week?
Celebrate my good news, fluff around surfing the Net for blogs and finally creating my own.
So when the weekend hits and I usually wind down and have a few nights off, what happens? I work!
Made a start on the Bollywood or Bust revisions last night and pretty happy with them, almost finished. Then it's onto the NEXT.
As my Nan used to say, no rest for the wicked, huh?


2paw said...

Dear Nicola, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!! Even my Labradors have their own blog!! Congratulations on your 'finalling'!!!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks so much, I'm still over the moon about the HOLT.

And how cute that your labradors have their own blog too!

I'm finding this blogging business strangely addictive which is why I held out so long, I guess.