Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The art of speed

At the risk of having a very good friend of mine beat me over the head with a stick, I'm going to say I've managed 28 500 words of this new Romance in exactly a week. No, I'm not pushing myself or overdoing it, like I have been prone to in the past (no unkind sniggers here please) but this book is another of those flyers where the characters know exactly what's happening when and I'm along for the ride.

I used to be a huge plotter, using elaborate character charts before starting a book but these days I tend to have a basic idea of what they're like and where the story will end up and go from there. The other funny thing is I have pictures of Kristen and Nate up on my pinboard but never look at them. Instead, I'm a dialogue girl, where the characters speak and I type. Just wish they'd pipe down when I'm trying to fall asleep after writing for a few hours at night...

Anyway, back to the speed thing. Even if you're not a plotter and prefer to fly by the seat of your pants, I'd strongly recommend you give it a go even once. Jot down a few points, key scenes, whatever comes into your head and save it. The clearer the picture you have of where you're going, the easier the journey.
There endeth the lesson.

Oh, and it helps to have a gorgeous hero for inspiration too!


allyblake said...

I don't know whether to beat you over the head or myself for not being able to be that fast!

Of course this means you can help me with my October deadline since you'll be so far ahead. Okay?

Nicola Marsh said...

No beating required! We both know how some books are like this, while others are of the much slower variety (as we tear our hair out in frustration!)

Would love to help with October deadline but I'm only doing this because I have a December deadline after this one :)

Roll on Christmas...