Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Crazy day

I had one of those crazy days today where I tried to fit in a week's worth of errands into twenty-four hours. However, it's not often I get to do this without a toddler in tow so I rushed around like a mad thing, doing a whole heap of boring stuff so I could maybe squeeze an hour in of writing, which I managed between 3 and 4.

There's nothing like a new book to get the creative juices flowing and I managed 7500 words today all up. The story is flowing beautifully but then, I always find this at the start. It's that dreaded sagging middle that has me scurrying for a notebook and pen to scribble out the rest of the plot!

This one is my next Romance and features Kristen Lewis, sister of Tahnee (The Creative Touch-ModX) and Carissa (heroine in Wife and Mother Wanted.) She's an independent career woman and an unexpected pregnancy is the last thing she wants or needs. Especially considering the father of the baby is her boss!

Stay tuned for more...


Fiona Lowe said...

You wrote 7500 words in an HOUR????

Fiona, reaching for the smelling salts

Nicola Marsh said...

No, I'm not that quick!

I managed to grab an extra hour of writing for the day between 3-4 as opposed to my usual 8.30-10.30 stint :)

2paw said...

happy days!! A third book for the sisters!!! I had a minor panic too when I read the eharl Romance boards and thought I had missed Found:His Family!! Then I read the release date and calmed down!!!