Saturday, July 01, 2006


Okay, I've managed to contain my excitement and concentrate long enough to write 10 000 words the last two nights. I'm nearly there...rushing to the finish line, creating that happily-ever-after which makes us all buy romances and sigh with contentment as we finish the book.

Speaking of reading a satisfying romance, I've just started reading Pregnant on Arrival, my buddy Fiona Lowe's first sale! I'm getting a special buzz from this because it's not the first time I've read it! Fiona approached me last year to read her manuscript and critique it. The story was great and I could see it selling to Harlequin's Medical line, which it has. But what makes this extra special is seeing my name in the dedications and knowing that Fiona appreciated my input enough to mention me.

How many times have you read a dedication in a book and wondered who is the person, what's behind it, how have they contributed to the author's life? I know I do and I take my own dedications very seriously.

So thanks, Fiona. You've made my day!

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Fiona Lowe said...

Thanks again for your help!