Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Alpha Hero

It has been a while since I wrote an alpha hero.

My second book, THE WEDDING CONTRACT, featured a successful, ruthless lawyer who played a 'baddie' in my first book, THE TYCOON'S DATING DEAL. Steve Rockwell needed to be redeemed so he met his match and got the happily-ever-after he didn't expect.

The interesting thing is that while I wrote that book, I wasn't sure if readers would like Steve, especially after his rude behaviour in book 1. In fact, a teensy-weensy part of me didn't like him!
The good news is that this book monitored highly in the UK, so some readers did indeed love him but since then I haven't written an alpha hero. I prefer the beta guys, who are successful and a tad aloof but with marshmallow hearts.

For me, alpha heroes conjure up images of mega-wealthy guys with a touch of arrogance, shades of superiority and who like to be in control. Yes, they have their good points and can be downright sexy, and many authors write alphas to die for but for me I just can't write them with ease.

Which brings me to Sam, my sheikh and the alpha hero who has crept up on me. I've written 2000 words the last 2 nights (that's going to be my daily target for this book, no overdoing it) and Sam is very much an alpha hero. He's a sheikh and demands to be written that way. A small part of me says 'can I do this?' while his imposing presence stamps itself all over the story.
Only time will tell how the story progresses but for now, alpha Sam is wowing both Bria the heroine and me!

What do you think of alpha heroes?


2paw said...

I think it is a testament to your skills that you made me dislike Steve so in TTDD and then like him so much in TWC. When I found out he would be in the second book I wondered how I would ever like him: but you made him real and very very likeable!!! Pshaw to your doubts!!! Write away!!!

Anonymous said...

CarolC said...

Nicola the way I see Alpha Males are they are the ones you fell in love with when you were young and wanted life to be full of drama, excitement and tears. I'm pleased I never 'tamed' one as I'm more than delighted my husband is loving, warm beta (with an edge)but I often look back at those early relationships with a strange fondness, especially when I need inspiration for writing Alphas.

The best bit about romance novels is that the h gets to walk off into the sunset with the impossible, rougish, but incredibly sexy man. To me Alphas are the stuff of fantasies - I love every cheeky bit about them.

Good luck writing Sam, it will no doubt work out brilliantly.

Nicola Marsh said...

Cindy, thank you for the huge compliment!
I just HAD to write Steve's story but when I started it, I thought 'oh-oh, but he was nasty in TTDD'! He definitely needed redeeming and fast :)

you are spot on with your summation of alphas (being the guys we went for when younger, the ones who gave us all the angst and heartache) So true!

I love hearing different takes on alphas :)