Saturday, September 09, 2006

Light on the horizon...

Yesterday was an absolute s**t of a day!
Everything that could've gone wrong did, the worst being my darling toddler pitching headfirst into a picture we hadn't hung yet and smashing the glass.
I didn't care one iota about the picture but my heart stopped when I turned around and saw him sitting surrounded by major shards of glass, that awful shocked kiddie look on his face.
Amazingly, he didn't have a scratch on him, while the top of my office chair(where he'd been climbing) got shredded. Unbelievable.

Suddenly, I realised something. No matter how crummy things are, the most important things in life have a way of giving you a real wake-up call.
I've also realised something else. Maybe I'm so grumpy because I'm not writing? This has been my longest stint ever at not writing a thing and it's not helping.
Time to change all that.
Watch for a new worm thingy coming to a sidebar near you!!


allyblake said...

Nic! Hugs and kisses to the kidlet and to you too!

I can picture the two of you gawping at each other thinking "well that's not as abad as it could have been".

An extra hug for the shreaded chair.

(And keep the worm slow please so as not to make the rest of us cry)


Serena said...

OMG that is frightening! Thank the powers that be that he's all right. Replacing furniture is easy...

{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}} to you all