Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Cracking good read

I adore reading.
If I didn't write, I could quite happily spend all my time lolling about and reading (of course, there is the slight matter of raising a child, being part of a family, cooking meals, doing loads of washing, grocery shopping and all the rest!) but in a dream world, I would be reclining on a comfy sofa with a pile of books on my right with a stack of chocolate on my left. Bliss...

Speaking of reading, I just finished a really good book, Allison Rushby's FRIDAY NIGHT COCKTAILS. I've read all of Allison's books to date (chick-lit for Red Dress Ink) but have to say this is my favourite. It was actually her first book, published in Australia as allmenarebastards.com before Kensington re-released it as Friday Night Cocktails.
The whole concept of having a public website where women can post bits and pieces about the creeps in their lives and why is a classic!

There are some great laugh-out-loud moments in this book and it kept me smiling till the last page. Definitely worth a read.


allyblake said...

Bring it to next lunch ;)?

Nicola Marsh said...

No worries!

Amanda Ashby said...

That's my favourite of Allison's books as well, though I still have her first ya book sitting in my tbr pile as soon as I get a moment. Of course I'm loving Allison right now since she's just given me my first real author blurb! What a star!

Nicola Marsh said...

That's great, Amanda!
And I'm looking forward to her YA books too.