Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A new fan

It's always lovely to get a glowing review and here's one from a new-to-me reader for this book.

Here's a snippet from Danielle's review:

Although I’m not a big fan of the reunited lovers theme, Ms. Marsh handles it well.
Also, I love seeing heroines who are successful in their careers, and financially independent, on equal to the heroes.
Ms. Marsh did a great job of showing me who Nick was, revealing his emotional vulnerabilities in a way that I wish was done more often in the Harlequin Presents books. Instead of Brittany being the only one who seemed emotionally at risk, it was clear that Nick had a lot at stake on that level as well. I liked that Nick and Brittany had been friends since childhood, and their love grew out of their bond. It must have made their separation that much more painful. I appreciated that time was taken to show the rebuilding of Brittany and Nick’s relationship outside of the sexual aspect. That would have been way too easy to show them jumping into intimacy when they had to work to rebuild the trust between them that was lost when they parted.
This was a good, quick Saturday read, and I’m glad to know I have more of Nicola Marsh’s books in my tbr pile to read. She has a way with words and writes a very good romance.

You can read the rest here.
And she's kindly posted her review on Goodreads, which is a huge bonus, as it stimulates discussion and recommendations to other readers.
Good stuff.