Monday, March 14, 2011


Limbo land is that strange place writers visit between books.
When we've just finished writing a story and are eager to jump into the next.
When we're waiting to hear from an editor/agent on a query or submission.
When we know what we want to write next but we're too scared to start.
Limbo land is a tempting place to be.
We get to catch up on reading and experience the joy of plucking the next must-read off our TBR pile.
We get to swim and go to the park and spend hours in the museum, hours we wouldn't have while on deadline.
We get to watch mindless TV just because we can.
Limbo land is an essential part of being a writer. Refilling the well is a must. Clearing the mind of our old characters to allow the new to jump in there and demand their story.
I love the possibilities of limbo land, love the excited tingle of new stories begging to be written.
But limbo land can also be a scary place.
Limbo land can sap your confidence as you wait to hear from your editor/agent.
It can tempt you with the aforementioned TV/books/ you'd rather be doing that than thinking about your next story.
It can allow the self-doubt you usually ignore by writing 2000 words a day to rise up and make you question if you have it in you to write another book...and another...and another after that.
Yes, I'm in limbo land at the moment.
It has been a fun place to be over the weekend when I've refilled the well with loads of family fun and swimming and reading.
But come today, when I'm back to work on Monday, those self-doubts are niggling.
The solution?
Because writing soothes and sweeps away those doubts.
Because writing makes everything simpler and feel right.
Goodbye limbo land, hello sparkly new idea!


Lacey Devlin said...

Confession: I've been living in limbo land.

For a month.

It's nice here lol! I do manage a bit of writing but my productivity is not so productive ;-)

I like the idea of beating the doubt by writing more. It's worth a try! Thanks Nic! :-)

Nicola Marsh said...

It is nice, Lacey, but sadly, the longer we stay in limbo land the harder it is to leave.

Writing is the way to depart :)