Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Book Club: Dead in the Family

I must be the last person on the planet to have read a Sookie Stackhouse novel.

DEAD IN THE FAMILY is the 10th in the Sookie series and rather than go back to the start and read the lot, I delved in.

Despite not knowing the characters (and there were a lot of them!) I was sucked into the story courtesy of the author's voice.

Charlaine Harris has a way of weaving words together that make you want to turn the pages, despite not knowing much of the background already woven into this popular series.

A brief rundown of the book:

Sookie is a telepath.
Her lover, Eric, is a big-shot vampire.
Her cousin Claude is a fairy.
Her brother Jason is a were-panther.
And the cast just gets bigger and better from there!

I've never watched Trueblood either, inspired by this book series. Would be interesting viewing...

What are you reading this week?


Lacey Devlin said...

I've only read the first of the Sookie Stackhouse series but I enjoyed it too. I've just finished a YA novel called The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting. I loved it. I'm about to start Visions of Magic by Regan Hastings.

Tracey said...

Hi Nic, I am reading "wannabe a writer" by jane wenham-jones. It is a hilarious read about her writing life and how she would much rather drink wine. It's the only book that lately I have been unable to put down. It's that good :-)

Lois said...

Well, ever since getting the first package of judging books, I seem to have finally found a nice groove with the Chemistry class homework and studying that I've actually been able to read again! LOL Will be starting book three in the Bride Quartet of Nora Roberts - Savor the Moment. :)

Nicola Marsh said...

Ooh...haven't heard of the Body Finder, Lacey.
Would you recommend it?

Nicola Marsh said...

Wow, that's a big recommendation, Tracey!

Not being able to put a book down is good!

Nicola Marsh said...

Let me know what you think of it, Lois.

I got hooked on the quartet after the first book but...

Will be interested to hear your opinion :)