Friday, August 04, 2006

The grand finale

Last night's final episode of 24 was absolutely brilliant and this series has been by far the best.
I'm an action girl who loves this type of conspiracy show and even if you aren't into it, I recommend you take a look at this series.

As a writer, it fascinated me to look at how the writers for the show layered the conflict, adding plot twists when you least expected and generally upped the emotional tension in a big way. Previous shows have had some emotional stuff in there but this one far exceeded those, which is why I think it worked so well and appealed so much more to me.
I constantly strive to get the emotional tension in my books just right and for the most part, it's hard work.
Looks like the writers of 24 did it with ease!

Now to a finale of a different kind...I finished the read-through of The Creative Touch last night and sent it back to my editor. Overall, I was happy with the changes I'd made. When I was neck-deep in them, it seemed hard to guage whether I was doing it right or not but thankfully, I like the outcome. Let's hope my ed does too!


allyblake said...

Fingers crossed for you Nic! though I'm sure you'll come through with flying colours!!!


Nicola Marsh said...

Hope so, Ally!
These revisions seemed huge once I started chopping and changing...but at least they're done and now the waiting begins...again! :)