Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Limbo land

As you all know from my somewhat manic word count and previous posts, I like to always know what I'm working on next and usually take a short break before diving on into the next plot.

Well, I'm currently in this weird limbo land where I know I should take a break, I need to take a break but I can't seem to stay away from the keyboard.
Last night, I intended to fiddle around with research stuff, finish my hubbie's monthly accounts and have an early night.
What actually happened? I started tinkering with the next ModX! Actually, I'm very happy as I think I've finally nailed the hero's motivation in this one. It has taken me ages and several tries so it's a huge relief. Now when I get back from the conference, I can get stuck into it (this one has a Dec 1st deadline.)

It's an old story, the 4th book I ever wrote and originally targetted at the old Temptation line. I then tried to make it fit into a Romance but the tone didn't sit well with me so it's back where it belongs, in Modern Extra. There's still a fair bit of work to be done, as I've made Tyler James and Kate Hayden a married couple who split 6 years earlier rather than just having a fling, so it ups the ante a lot.
Loads of rewriting and slashing to be done but the bare bones are there, so should be easier than starting from scratch? (Note I said should!)

So who's the inspiration behind ex Navy SEAL Tyler James?
Check him out!

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