Monday, August 07, 2006

With compliments

Caught up with some friends for brunch yesterday.
I love the weekend brunch thing. It's casual, fun and yummy, plus you kill two meals with one stone (and hopefully save putting on a stone or two in the long run?)

Both Lisa and Jen (yeah, I'm naming names, girls!) had never read a Mills and Boon book in their life before I started writing for them and it's so great that they now read them. Even better was the lovely compliment I was paid when Lisa said "I was up till 1am reading WIFE AND MOTHER WANTED, I just had to read it all in one go."

As an author, that is so lovely to hear, that the reader is so absorbed in the story that they want to keep turning pages till the end of the book.

Speaking of page turners, I devoured THE DEALBREAKER almost in one sitting myself over the weekend. I adore Harlan Coben's work and this was his first Myron Bolitar book re-released. (I think Myron has featured in 8 of his novels to date.) I love his snappy voice and the way he keeps you enthralled in the suspense right to the very end. What a great author!
I've got 4 of his books on my keeper shelf currently and planning on getting the lot.
If you like suspense with an edge, go grab yourself a copy. You won't regret it.

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