Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tyler's match

Every great hero needs an equally great heroine and with that in mind, here's Ty's match.

Meet Kate Hayden, a 27 y.o. a senior editor working for Femme magazine in LA. She's an Aussie gal who left Sydney as a naive 20 y.o., fleeing her past. However, by the time this book winds towards the end, I have a feeling she'll be returning to Aussie shores...
(In case you don't recognise them, Ty is none other than Wentworth Miller, he of the killer blue eyes, and Kate is Catherine Zeta Jones.)

I finished another chapter of MALE FOR SALE last night.
Boy, is it interesting re-reading what I wrote 4 years ago. Some of its good, some is like 'ouch, that's painful!'
Of course, I'm obliterating the painful stuff, keeping the good and hopefully adding some more good. Re-writing is slow going but it's fun.

I'm off to the 'SOME LIKE IT HOT' Romance Writers of Australia conference early tomorrow morning, so won't be back here for a few weeks.
But never fear, I'm going to leave you with an interesting surprise before I go.
You'll just have to check back tomorrow to see what it is...


2paw said...

Found:His Family arrived yesterday and I am saving it to read last - I always save the best books till last!! Have a great Conference!!!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks so much!!!
What a lovely thing to say :)