Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EXCERPT: Girl in a Vintage Dress

GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS releases simultaneously in the UK & USA in 21 days!

To celebrate, the Book Depository are offering it at 25% off here.

Here's a snippet of Lola:

Lola didn’t take kindly to being bossed around. She’d had enough of it growing up from her Miss Australia finalist mother and catwalk model sister.
Wear the boot cut jeans, not the slim fit.
Don’t wear the A line skirt, it makes your bum look big.
Use the coral lipstick, not the pink, you look washed out.
Bossiness never failed to raise her hackles and the moment Mr Tall, Dark and Domineering had strutted into her domain, ignoring house rules, she’d been primed for battle.
Mobile phones didn’t belong in Go Retro for a reason. Trying to recreate a vintage ambiance was imperative to her business and considering those infernal devices weren’t invented back then, she’d made it a house rule to not have them used in her pride and joy.
She also hated their constant buzzing and ringing and clattering as people tapped at those miniature keypads like their lives depended on it.
How anyone could be glued to a phone when surrounded by all this beauty…she trailed a hand over a velvet 1940s vermillion ball gown, savouring the plush-ness, the timeless elegance, let her fingers skim a floral silk scarf she bet could tell a few stories about the necks it had been knotted around over the years.
She glanced at the diamante shoe clips, the crimson lipsticks in different brands, the fascinators at jaunty angles on the classically dressed mannequins.
Every item had been lovingly chosen in the hope it would bring joy to its next owner in the same way it had brought her joy to discover it. Surrounded by all these wonderful treasures of the past, how could anyone not be tempted?
“I need an answer.”
Just like that she snapped out of her reverie and glared at the philistine who wouldn’t appreciate vintage at its finest if it slithered off a mannequin and onto his rather impressive frame.


Lacey Devlin said...

I think Lola's going to be a handful for Mr Tall, Dark and Domineering :)

Nicola Marsh said...

That she is, Lacey, you picked it well :)