Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Marc of the Beast

I love when Google Alerts drops something fun into my inbox and this is one of those.

MARC of the Beast, a blog 'celebrating ridiculously awesome titles', featured GIRL IN A VINTAGE DRESS.

This is a snippet of what they had to say:

"here’s an example of a cute title and concept that doesn’t cause an involuntary eyeroll (unlike 90% of series romance).
Also, she is not pregnant, he isn’t her boss, and she likes vintage clothing. Win-win-win."

Check it out here.

(thanks for all your well wishes. Hoping preschooler's asthma eases soon. As for my heart symptoms, I don't have time to have a heart attack so you'll be stuck with me for a while longer!)


Nas Dean said...

Well, what they said is so true! Cute, lovely title, not pregnant and he's not her boss yet the story has so many twists and turns to be so enjoyable!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Nas :)