Thursday, June 02, 2011

Release day in OZ & NZ

If you're in Australia or New Zealand, SEX, GOSSIP AND ROCK & ROLL is out now!
This is quite possibly my favourite book I've written so go check out why.

Here's a snippet:

Two sharp honks on a horn behind them had her cursing and shoving him away before she returned her hand to the gear stick and slid into first.
“Care to explain what that was about?”
Her tone had resumed its frostiness while he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face.
“Not that I usually need to explain why I kiss a beautiful woman but we couldn’t shake on the deal so I did the next best thing. Why, did I offend you?”
His silky tone garnered a snort in response. Better than an f-off.
“News flash. That out of line kiss rendered the deal null and void. New deal. We don’t talk for the next fortnight. Capish?”
Oh yeah, that kiss had got to her.
“Where’s the fun in that?”
“You’re here to manage the finances, not have fun.”
“Surely the two aren’t mutually exclusive?”
She screeched into a side street, giving him momentary whiplash, before cutting the engine and turning to face him.
“Another news flash. I’m not one of your bimbos. I work for your grandfather. I take my job seriously. And I don’t need some goof-off blow-in making trouble for me. Got it?”
She stopped just short of jabbing him in the chest. Pity, he would’ve liked to feel her hands on him again.
“Loud and clear.”
Her shoulders sagged in relief, before he added, “Doesn’t mean I’ll play nice.”
“You’re a pain in the—”
“With all this talk of work, doesn’t sound like you have much time for fun?”
“I have plenty of fun.”
His snort deepened her indignant frown. “When’s the last time you had a date?”
She clamped her lips shut.
“Had sex?”
Her legs followed suit and he laughed.
“Look, we can do this the hard way or the fun way. My mouth? Has a life of its own. Runs away all the time. I’ll compliment you constantly. I’ll tease you incessantly. I may even kiss you several times but it’s harmless. All good, clean fun.”
It was her turn to snort but not before he’d caught the gleam of excitement making the gold flecks in her green eyes glow.
“No kissing.”
He paused for a moment, pretended to think. “Sorry, can’t promise that.”
“You’re impossible!”
“But you like me anyway.”
Their gazes locked and the car’s tight confines shrunk further. He could smell her light floral perfume, could see the indecision warring with excitement in her eyes, could sense her capitulation as her shoulders relaxed and she leaned forward a fraction.
For once, he kept his big mouth shut, enjoying the electricity buzzing between them, savouring the promise of sparring, sparks and sex.
And there would be sex, he had no doubt. They had some serious chemistry going on, the kind you couldn’t ignore.
Throw in the fact they’d be together twenty-four-seven and it was inevitable.
He could hardly wait.
“There’s nothing I can say that’ll make you back off, is there?”
With an exasperated sigh, she shook her head. “Having you tag along on this tour goes way beyond the call of duty. And I have to put up with grief to boot?”
She revved the engine, the firing cylinders a joy to a guy’s heart.
“Go on, admit it.”
“You’re having fun already.”
With another neck twisting wrench on the steering wheel she pulled back onto the road.
“Does it look like I’m having fun?”
“Either you’re trialling for the Grand Prix or you’re driving like a maniac because you’re ticked off.”
She threw in another wheelie for good measure.
“Okay, got the message loud and clear. I’ll shut up ‘til we get to Ballarat.”
Her hands instantly relaxed on the steering wheel.
“How long?”
“An hour, maybe ninety minutes in this traffic,” she said, her tone smug.
He let her have her little victory for now.
She’d soon learn he didn’t always do as he said.

And I love that I'm in a duo with Heidi Rice's 'Cupcakes and Killer Heels', a book I've heard raves about and can't wait to read.


Kerrin said...

I really enjoyed this one Nicola, but i think Wild Nights is my favourite!

Lacey Devlin said...


Nicola Marsh said...

This is so interesting, Kerrin.

Both my last editor and my new editor said Wild Nights with Wicked Boss was their favourite Mod Heat of mine, and it would have to be my least favourite!

Just goes to show how subjective this reading thing is :)

Glad you enjoyed both!

Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks Lacey :)