Saturday, June 04, 2011

Weekend Book Club: Call Me Irresistible

My life is manic.
I rush around all week, school runs, taekwando, swimming, basketball...this week throw in orthodontist, doc and surgeon, and you get an idea of how hectic I am.

I also have 4 deadlines in 3 months.

So when I say I read Susan Elizabeth Phillips CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE in 2 days, you know I've sacrificed precious sleep to do it.

Like all her books, I couldn't put this down.
She is the queen of small town romantic comedies, her characters so real you feel like you know them personally and are still thinking about them long after you've finished the book.

Here's what Publishers Weekly had to say:

Phillips crafts a laugh-out-loud and romantic story with panache that mostly makes up for some gaping plot holes. Onetime PGA star and smalltown mayor Ted Beaudine (met in 2005's Fancy Pants) is about to marry Lucy Jorik, the daughter of a former president, when she's persuaded to break it off by her best friend, Meg Koranda (2008's Glitter Baby), the aimless daughter of Hollywood royalty. Everyone in Wynette, Tex., loves Ted, but Meg feels Lucy deserves a passionate partner, not a god of self-control. After the disaster of calling off the wedding at the last minute, Meg's parents cut her off, stranding her in the hostile town. As Meg finds her own path and helps Ted discover his heart, the townspeople stoutly (and hilariously) defend their golden boy. However, some readers may not appreciate that Meg's good deed is punished so often and severely en route to happiness.

If you're a fan of SEP, you'll adore this book.
If you're not, read this book and become one!

What are you reading this week?


Lois said...

Well, I'm still trying to write up a review for my blog, but when you need a nap because a) neighbors keep up up late or b) you need your allergy pill, it's tough to do everything in a day! LOL Anyhoo... am reading in between Knock Me For A Loop by Heidi Betts. :)


Lacey Devlin said...

Love SEP! She's always fabulously funny.

Nicola Marsh said...

Sounds like you need some peace and quiet to read, Lois!

Nicola Marsh said...

She is, Lacey, it's a real gift!