Tuesday, November 08, 2011

READER REVIEWS: Busted in Bollywood

I've invested a lot, emotionally, in BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD, more than any other book I've written.
One day, I'll tell you all the long saga behind this book.

But not today.
Today I'm floating over my first reader review...and it's a beauty!

The nerves awaiting this first review have been unbelievable, with plenty of compulsive checking of Amazon, Goodreads, BookDepository, etc...

Here's a snippet:

USA Bestselling Author Nicola Marsh's BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD is truly a magical read. The witty banter and the flirting, the breathtaking romance, the spectacular emotional punch, and the believable conflict of how Indian families organize and interfere in any and everything had me flipping pages late into the night. The vivid atmospheric details amid the fast paced story kept me spell bound!
(Nas Dean)

Read the full review here

Huge thanks to Nas.
And now I go back to compulsively watching for the next review...

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