Friday, November 18, 2011

READER REVIEWS: Busted in Bollywood

Reader reviews for BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD are coming through and they're fabulous, much to my relief!

Here's a sample:

Fun, flirty & fabulous!

Nicola Marsh has weaved a truly magical read. I loved discovering the sights, sounds and tastes of India through the main character Shari's experiences as she discovered her roots - even if it was originally as a ruse to help her best friend get out of an arranged marriage!

Shari's journey of rediscovering herself after a horrible-ending relationship and regaining trust in men, her self-doubt, fears and flirting are all so real. Amidst the backdrop of the colourful and evocate India that Nicola portrays so well, it is a spellbinding read.


(Kerrin Hearfield, @ the BookDepository)

Busted in Bollywood will appeal to all the starry-eyed romantics that lurks in us all. Filled with humourous moments, sexy and flirty antics, conflicts of interest and an insight into the Customs and traditions of the Indian community you will find this read a journey of many things. Your tastebuds will be tantalized, with the aromas wafting from this story, and the romance will leave you starry eyed.

Nicola has set forth vivid descriptions in this story, from the aroma of the wonderful Indian dishes to the atmostphere of Indian life. It will have your taste buds tantalized and your innner romantic screaming for more.

I'm sure you will find this story funny in each and every way - Its filled with romance and passion, Sexy swoony men ** waggles eyebrows* and a great storyline to boot . ohh Did I mention... goodies to make your toes curl !! * grins *

I loved many of the scenes, whether they were romantic, emotion-packed or downright funny. ... It will have you skittering along from the very beginning and have you reading till the last pages fade out..

A must read to add to your reader!

(Katrina Whittaker, Goodreads)

Thanks to these wonderful readers for taking the time to review.
Much appreciated.

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